Redeem & Restore Center


THANK YOU to each one of you who support our mission and vision in loving, restoring, and supporting women escaping domestic sex trafficking and exploitation!

We have a BIG dream and we are working to make it a reality. 

Redeem and Restore Center, INC is a non-profit organization based in Southeastern Wisconsin that is committed to the prevention, intervention, and restoration of women and girls that have been manipulated and trapped into the sex trafficking industry in the United States.  

TOGETHER with our donors, volunteers, and partners we are dedicated to establishing a long-term restoration home for women that provides mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing for these victims.  The women will most often come to RRC through one of our partners at Homeland Security, FBI, Law Enforcement, or the National Trafficking Shelter Alliance. We are supported by individuals like YOU, fundraisers, and occasional grants. 

Hear our heart from Founder, Chaplain Krista Hull:

Together We are Loving, Restoring, and Supporting Women Right Now

Here is what we provide to Women now:

  • Survivor Support Group
  • Social Outings
  • Mentorship
  • Friendship
  • Case Management
  • Financial Assistance

Most of the Women Need a Long-term Residential Program 

We are seeking to acquire a few acres of land and a multi-bedroom home in SE Wisconsin to become the location of Redeem and Restore Center.  We need people like you to join with us, by using your skills and talents.  We need many committed people to prepare and operate the center.  We need many financially generous people to provide the funds to purchase the property and to pay for operating expenses. 

Please partner with us to help open the doors and provide a future with hope!

The mission of Redeem and Restore Center is to love, restore, and support women who are escaping domestic sex trafficking or exploitation.  We are members of the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance and committed to the highest standards of care for survivors of human trafficking, while promoting and utilizing the latest promising practices. We hope this helps demonstrate our commitment to quality, collaboration, and accountability.  Nothing could be more important than our integrity in providing each woman survivor with the best quality care.

There is hope!  We have seen lives amazingly transformed!  From walking dead to beautiful glowing human beings!  We can provide the opportunities for this transformation!

We will provide a safe home, food, clothing, bible devotions, and individual and group counseling.  We will offer an individualized program based on each woman’s unique experiences and needs.  We plan to incorporate gardening, horse therapy, art therapy and other rehabilitative services to help them begin a new life of freedom.  We will coordinate any needed educational or vocational training, medical care, and legal assistance, as well.  After graduation from RRC, they will have a support person helping them transition into regular life.  We hope for their complete freedom to be found through Christ, by loving them unconditionally, being present and keeping healthy boundaries. “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.”  John 8:36

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