Needed Options

First, they need to be recognized as victims; that have been living a life of survival because of force, fraud, or coercion. 

Awareness leads to prevention, intervention and restoration.

Education for nurses, emergency room staff, police, detectives, judges, attorneys, State Representatives, Senators and communities.  Through group events, outreaches, sharing a documentary/movie, and talking about sex trafficking with friends,  we all can help make many more people aware of these  issues.

Transitional or short term care.  A place for immediate drop in, no matter what day or time.  A place of peace and safety.  Time to assess where they can go for long term help.

*Long term care homes.  A place of safety, security for physical and emotional needs.  Staff that is trained and able to support and serve these women and girls.  A place to heal and lead them to restoration.  “Continuity of care is essential”, Dr Rabbitt   Nationwide there are fewer than 30 safe homes (serving up to 14 victims) for victims of sex trafficking to receive treatment and services.

*Redeem and Restore Center will operate a comprehensive restorative long-term (2 yr) care home.   We have been contacted by DOJ, FBI & Homeland Security; looking for options for these victims. Our vision includes being proactive at protecting more women and children from becoming victims.

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