Why a Specialized Home is Needed

Our primary focus is to help fill an enormous need for housing with services for women victims (18 yrs old and up) escaping domestic sex trafficking and exploitation.  There are at least 300,000 U.S. victims trapped in this industry and approximately 52 homes available for all victims.  Due to improved awareness, there’s an increased urgency  for short term and long term housing and services.

Very different resources are needed for trafficking vs abuse and a continuity of care is needed” as stated by Dr Rabbit an adolescent pediatrician in Wisconsin.  The victims will come to us as a “shell” of a human; often not knowing what their favorite color is, what food they like best, and no dream of a future.  They each were created as individuals: different likes, dislikes and personalities.  They have been told and experienced that what they think or feel is irrelevant.  From experience, they trust no one.  Everyone wants something from them.

Each victim of exploitation will have a different story.  Some may have: been sold as a child by their own parent, been abused by a close relative and then sold for sex, some may have chosen to sell their bodies for sex to make some quick cash and then trapped by a trafficker, were manipulated by a boyfriend, or in some other way.  Even these instances mentioned can have so many variables.  It is clear that there are many layers of pain from manipulation and abuse.  They did not experience one trauma, but they experienced trauma regularly.

Common issues resulted from these traumas are Complex PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorders, Narcissism, Self-Harm, Eating, adjustment and behavioral problems, ADD, ADHD, Confusion of sexuality, Dissociative Disorder, OCD, and Depression.  They have lost their voice and personhood.  

Victims of human trafficking need a complex & comprehensive set of services that require sensitivity & specialized training- WI HT Protocol & Resource Manual by WI Office of Justice Assistance

Each one is an individual.  We will love, support and lead each one to restoration.  We will offer various types of therapy to reach them as an individual.  Some will thrive in one type of therapy over another.  They will have the opportunity to work through their layers of trauma at their own pace.

“For relationship with our girls, we must provide consistent presence to build trust” as stated by Mary Frances Bowley the founder of Wellspring Living in Atlanta.

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