‘MC’, a survivor we work with says, “We need a safe place to fall apart. We need rest along with appropriate trauma counseling and programming.  Not to be quickly pushed into finding another job when our brains are still in a traumatized state.  Recovery is hugely dependent on having strong, non-judging, secure, consistent, and effective support system committed to the survivors. Without all of this, redemption and restoration is nearly impossible.”

We currently work with women survivors from Slinger to Grafton to Whitefish Bay and to South Milwaukee. We provide what we can to love, restore, and support them where they are at -in their recovery: Counseling, Survivor Support Group, friendship, social activities, financial assistance, etc.  
Our primary focus is to help fill an enormous need for housing with services for women victims (18 yrs old and up) escaping domestic sex trafficking and exploitation.  There are at least 300,000 U.S. victims trapped in this industry and approximately 52 homes available for all victims.  Due to improved awareness, there’s an increased urgency  for short term and long term housing and services.
Until we open our Redeemed Home, sometimes we need to send women to another home that is a member of the National Trafficking Shelter Alliance.  Being members of this Alliance, we can see up to 4 requests for placements a week! There are approximately only 350 beds for the thousands of rescued victims.
Here in SE Wisconsin, we still need to provide a restoration home that provides: for physical, emotional, relational, mental needs and utilizes individual and group counseling, and a variety of therapies for women.  This foundation will prepare them to begin a new life of freedom.  We also plan to coordinate any needed educational or vocational training, medical care, and legal assistance.   We hope for these women to find complete freedom found through Christ, by loving them unconditionally, being present and keeping healthy boundaries. 
For each woman to have HOPE & FREEDOM, it is a fight through all the many layers of trauma.  It is a process.  The memories are not erased.  Restoration comes through gradual transformation.  Our home environment will enable them to have a good foundation of healing that will continue through out their life.

RESTORATION is possible because of Hope!  We are Igniting Hope- the Pathway to our Home.  Watch our videos:  #SHEisHOPE

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