Hope from Survivors

I would like to introduce to you my friend, April Bentley.  I want to get you excited about the hope that we can have for the broken-hearted women that have been lost in the ‘nolife’ of sex trafficking.

myheros(Stacy Jewell Lewis & April Bentley)

She comes from a broken home. She was 14 when she was befriended and felt loved by an older woman. This women helped her be more ‘grown up’ and gained April’s trust. Then she manipulated her and sold her for sex to a man down the block for $200 and got her hooked on drugs.  She was consumed with shame that gradually turned to acceptance. Even after she wasn’t under anyone’s control, she sold herself, and then supported her alcohol and drug addiction.

After 19 years of emptiness and pain, she was ready to die. She was in an adult body, but emotionally & mentally a 14 year old girl who endured multiple traumas. She remembered what her mom used to tell her, “God is real and he is always listening.”  With a glimmer of hope, she began praying and crying out, asking God if he was real. She said, “If you are real God, then there has to be something better for me than this life!” She awoke one morning, not recognizing herself (inside & out). She had no desire for drugs or alcohol and knew God must be real. This was the beginning of a difficult road to a new life. She held on to hope and fought through her struggles to have a real life.*

Today, she is married, has a beautiful little boy, employed as a manager and exudes joy in all she does. She is a blessing and encouragement to me! I love to be around her and listen to her! I am blessed to call her my friend!

Every girl, every story is different; some were abused as a child, a runaway, from a small town, popular, from foster care, poor, etc and came to believe the lies about themselves. They all have endured multiple traumas. The pain and lies go to depths of their soul. But they can be renewed, restored!

Over 80% of victims in 2011 confirmed sex trafficking cases in this country were American citizens. It’s happening in plain sight, and you probably don’t even realize it. The estimates are at 300,000 Americans each year are trapped into sex trafficking.

There are about 30 homes in the US to help bring restoration to these victims and it’s not enough. The need is urgent. We need your support to open Redeem and Restore Center in SE Wisconsin.

Krista Hull- Executive Director

*If you would like to read more about her entire story, you can buy her book “Don’t Rush to Get Old”

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