Beauty During Restoration

One of the most beautiful things to see is a frail young women (physically, emotionally, spiritually) being transformed into a beautiful young women (physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Seeing life come from death.

I look at how much difficulty that I have had dealing with my ‘garbage’.  Frustrated at how long it took me to overcome struggles and issues of my past.  I have met survivors from ‘the life’ of sex trafficking and am in awe of all that they have overcome.  They are my heroes.  It is easy to see and understand the beauty they have become, after seeing the darkness from which they escaped.

I was amazed at how beautiful the women are in the beginning and middle of their restoration to having a real life.  It was then, that I REALLY saw the precious life that had been hidden.  They are just like you and me.  Another human trying to make it in this life.  Yet, the life that they were trying to survive, wasn’t really a life at all.

It is a beautiful experience to listen to another victim encouraging another victim.  Hearing the words of truth from the ‘mouth of a babe’ being spoken to another hurting woman.  They ‘get’ each other more than us ‘straight’ people ever could.  This is another important detail that adds to to healing and restoration in the long term, comprehensive restorative home.

Working with victims of human trafficking, is much like a parent and their children.  The parent teaches, loves, and tries to lead by example.  The children only know what they have experienced and seen.  They have their own personality and selfish desires, which will lead to failures and success.  One of the hardest jobs in your life, yet it can be the most rewarding.

Each victim will be one of our children.   We will be teaching, loving, supporting and leading by example.  To help lead them to complete restoration as a true survivor!

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-Krista Hull





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