Our Mission


Redeem and Restore Center exists to love, restore and support women escaping from domestic sex trafficking and exploitation. We exist to help women discover hope and a bright future- to truly be human again!


To promote awareness that leads to prevention, intervention, and restoration for women that have been exploited.  We are continually sharing our vision for the need of the safe housing and services for foundational restoration of survivors- redeeming and restoring lives and ushering in a cultural transformation.

As we educate on the destructive truth of domestic sex trafficking, we’re addressing cultural norms that add to the problem, sharing tools for prevention of others becoming enslaved, equipping and leading others for outreach intervention, providing hope and a future by restoring value to survivors through safe housing and services needed. With our love and support, we’re are igniting hope for those who have been enslaved and giving to the community through what we can do!   Redeem and Restore Center helps more women are able to overcome the enslavement they’ve been placed into  and live out their days in true freedom.


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