Board of Directors

Chaplain Krista Hull, President and Founder
Previous Business Owner

She married with two young adults and resides in Pewaukee, WI. A natural self-starter, Krista was successfully co-running a landscape and watergarden business with her husband for 15 years. Desiring a new purpose, they sold their business.  During that transition, Krista’s desire to help hurting women and serving Christ grew. She started as a domestic abuse victims’ advocate; it was clear this was just the beginning. Fueled with compassion, in April 2013, Krista saw the great need for services and housing for women victims of sex trafficking, and set out to fill the need.

She has never been in prostitution, yet she understands the vulnerabilities that can lead to it.  She was born out of an abusive relationship, experienced abandonment, and sexual abuse that led to much loneliness and brokenness.  At a young age, in the beginning of her own mess, she was drawn to women trapped in prostitution and drugs through reading biographies of past prostitutes and drug addicts. 

As she began the journey to fill a need in opening a safe home for women, she began with much research and a deep desire for learning. Learning from others already doing the work, reading many books on trauma & counseling, conferences, and trainings.  She has become a Chaplain and a Crisis Intervention Specialist- all for the mission of loving, restoring and supporting women escaping the hell of domestic sex trafficking.

Because of God’s great love, power and justice- she perseveres in honesty, vulnerability, and strength in relinquishment to and on the Lord, so that He gets the glory.  She says it is all for and by Him. 

This began as an overwhelming burden to reach–and show hope, safety, love, and support—to broken women.  Now her efforts continue in leading this organization because of the reality of the beauty, courage, and restoration that she has seen in many survivors! We can have much hope!

Karla Price, Vice President          
Office Admin

She has been a supporter from the beginning.  She is married, a mother of two adults, and helps run her husbands business, Price Transport. She is a constant rock for the team and her family!



Valarie Laperruque
Owner/Hair Stylist

She has two adult children, runs her own salon, and committed to giving everything she has within her to think outside the box and help us open our home and love, restore, and support broken and hurting women.

Luke Uebelher
 Owner/Operator Diamond Fire Trucking

He is married, has two teenagers, and on the road constantly for his business so that he may continue in being a financial supporter to many ministries and survivors!  He is a deeply compassionate man that constantly is looking for ways to be a bigger supporter.

Advisory Board Members

April Bentley
 Mother, Survivor, Author, Songstress, Speaker

Elizabeth Carlson
Wife, Mother, Graphic Designer 



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