We all got baggage

We all have baggage in our life.  Some of our baggage is from our past, our family, and from choices we’ve made.  Some baggage, we can easily clear up and get rid of.  Some baggage we ignore or pretend it’s not there.  Then, there are some that take years to work through.  These are usually from some deep wounds.

Now, take a minute to imagine the amount of baggage the victims of sex trafficking would be carrying.

Can you see why 99% of rescued victims suffer from extreme anxiety, nightmares, self harming, unhealthy sexual behaviors, and considered to have PTSD?  Most will have periods of  disassociation  from certain triggers like: food, smells, sounds, or sights. Some can even suffer from multiple personality disorder.   Brain scans of sex trafficking victims, holocust victims, and prisoners of war have shown they have very comparable damage.

Can you see why victims from sex trafficking need long term assistance?   Redeem and Restore Center plans to operate a long term care home.  A place of safety, and security for physical and emotional needs.  To have staff that is trained and able to support and serve these women and girls. A place to heal and lead them to restoration.

*Nationwide there are fewer than 30 safe homes for victims of sex trafficking to receive treatment and services. This severe shortage regularly causes inappropriate placement in juvenile detention centers. -Streetlight Tucson, 2012

Will you partner with us to invest in restoring women’s lives? Please email us at info@redeemandrestore.org

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