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We knew in the beginning, after lots of research, we wanted to become a member of Abolition International Shelter Association (A.I.S.A) * as soon as possible.  Their mission: The Abolition International Shelter Association (A.I.S.A.) exists to promote the most promising practices in the aftercare of human trafficking victims.


After we formed our organization, we sent our application and payment in, to become members.  In October, they had there annual conference in Baltimore.  We learned they have set up an accreditation process for sex trafficking shelters (comparable to CARF & Joint Commission), and they have been working on offering Best Practices for counseling & care for sex trafficking victims.  This is an organization paving the way of integrity and best quality practices for serving the victims of extreme physical, emotional and psychological abuse.  How exciting that we are a part of this organization!

This conference offered excellent speakers with a wealth of knowledge in various areas like: Legal preparation for victim, H.E.A.R.T. model for counseling & healing, Needs and differences of short term & long term care facilities, and that its a marathon, not a sprint, and much more.  We had networking with various organizations like: Redeemed Ministries, P.A.T.H,  Samaritan Women, Refuge of Light and Courage House.  Each were so willing to share what they had learned through their struggles.  What a blessing!  We learned so much and are prepared to take the next steps forward.

Our next three steps of process for our organization are clear.  First, Krista will be going to two of these shelters that are open, to live and learn hands-on,  in the home with the victims.  We hope this will bring more understanding and depth to the head knowledge we already have.  Second, we will be building relationships within our community, to build rapport and trust for future collaboration.  Third, we will be offering educational/ informative events; to get more of the public informed, and grow our support base of volunteers for various tasks.  We look forward to each step of this process coming together.

If you would like to invite us to speak to your group and/or get more directly involved, please email us at

*Now called: Hope for Justice

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