We equip, educate, and empower to eradicate SexTrafficking.

(We have partnered with and support Founder and Executive Director, April Bentley.  An inspiring, empowering, and gifted, survivor leader.)

The Program Overview
R.U.B.I.E.S is a 12-week program administered to impoverished and or those directly affected by human trafficking. Our participants are ladies ages 11 & up in an age appropriate group setting. Middle & high school students, college students and ladies exiting the penal system are encouraged to join. No one is excluded.

Each session is designed to be 45 minutes to an hour long and catered to its audience. Sessions are taught in an elegant setting because we believe the atmosphere can change your behavior…it’s the when you look good you feel good concept.

We discuss topics like love* strength* acceptance* being gentle* a quiet and peaceful life* courage *living on purpose* the plan and purpose of sex* procreation* one man one woman * identity and its crisis* worth versus value* immorality* healthy habits & positive behaviors* God given gifts and talents* embracing the difference and the authentic you.

We talk about statistics, the average age of a trafficking victim, why don’t they run, how they are targeted, how to identify traffickers, how to care for those who are neglected, exploited and afflicted. What it means to be vulnerable, being groomed, child trafficking, trauma, abuse, deceit, fear, being chosen and unhealthy relationships.

Sessions Includes study materials, important resources, learning objectives, affirmation statements, videos, interactive activities, open forum discussions, take home assignments, a light healthy snack consisting of the four food groups, inspirational speakers and a minimum of two outdoor activities.

This program is engaging, raw and uncut mixed with the grit of real life truths.

Program is currently offered at 6100 N 42nd St in Milwaukee on Wednesdays for young girls and Saturdays for adult women.

Cross Trainers Academy Principal, Mollie Grunnert said:  ” The girls have learned to guard their hearts, understand manipulation, reinforced what true beauty is, and restored dignity to our students in our over-sexualized culture.  The RUBIES course has created camaraderie, and they encourage and remind one another in the hallways what they have learned.”

Quotes from RUBIES students:

“I’ve gained many things from this course.  Trust, loyalty, and being real with the people around me.”

“This course has helped me to understand my value and I am going be sure to teach my three year old sister how special she is too.  Im not going to allow others to stop me from working toward my dreams”

“If we could choose to do this course again, I would.”

“I was impacted most by our discussion on value & worth.  It really stuck with me”

“RUBIES has impacted me to stay aware and that God has a plan for my life.  That my worth is more than anything and I AM NOT for sale.”

“I gained an understanding about the world and the people in it.  I have learned a lot and I want to keep dreaming.” 

Currently accepting Donations and Sponsorships.  

If interested in ways to partner with us or bring training to different location please email: 

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