We are thrilled that through awareness education we are empowering others that prevent them from becoming victims! We are educating and equipping communities to oppose domestic sex trafficking.  We have partnered with a survivor leader, April Bentley, and created


(Rare, Unique, Beautiful, Intelligent, Excelling, Sisters)

Specifically for girls aged 11 and up

These are some truths and values that we instill:

  • Manipulation
  • Their Value
  • Respect
  • Sexuality

It’s not what they are taught, it is what they learn that makes the difference. It also empowers and encourages them to embrace their talents and uniqueness.  The full Course includes: The 6/12 session workbook, a memior by Olivia Jackson “Don’t Rush to Get Old”, and each session led by Survivor Leader, April Bentley and RRC Founder Krista Hull.

Cross Trainers Academy Principal, Mollie Grunnert said:  ” The girls have learned to guard their hearts, understand manipulation, reinforced what true beauty is, and restored dignity to our students in our over-sexualized culture.  The RUBIES course has created camaraderie, and they encourage and remind one another in the hallways what they have learned.”

Quotes from RUBIES students:

“I’ve gained many things from this course.  Trust, loyalty, and being real with the people around me.”

“This course has helped me to understand my value and I am going be sure to teach my three year old sister how special she is too.  Im not going to allow others to stop me from working toward my dreams”

“If we could choose to do this course again, I would.”

“I was impacted most by our discussion on value & worth.  It really stuck with me”

“RUBIES has impacted me to stay aware and that God has a plan for my life.  That my worth is more than anything and I AM NOT for sale.”

“I gained an understanding about the world and the people in it.  I have learned a lot and I want to keep dreaming.” 

Are you interested in having us bring this course to you? We plan to expand to allow others to purchase or use an e-course.  We need skilled volunteers & funding.  Click here to Email us. 


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