We are thrilled that through awareness education we are empowering others that prevent them from becoming victims! We are educating and equipping communities to oppose domestic sex trafficking and support the restoration of survivors.

rubySpecifically, we have partnered with a Survivor Leader, April Bentley, and created and copywrited a sex trafficking awareness and prevention course for Junior & Senior High girls called R.U.B.I.E.S.   

We know the importance of using various methods to keep the young ladies engaged; It’s not enough to TEACH, we must REACH to make the DIFFERENCE! These are some truths and values that we instill:

  • Deceit
  • Value
  • Respect
  • Sexuality
  • Social Media

The full Course includes: The 12 session workbook, an autobiography by Olivia Jackson “Don’t Rush to get Old”, and presented by Survivor Leader, April Bentley and RRC Founder Krista Hull.

We just completed our first successful course to (45) 6th-10th grade girls at CrossTrainers Academy in Milwaukee.  For the Celebration ceremony, we had two of the girls share about the impact this course has had on their life.  Parents, and some staff were invited.  The adults were impressed with what we taught and the impact on the girls.

“This course has helped me to understand my value and I am going be sure to teach my three year old sister how special she is too.  Im not going to allow others to stop me from working toward my dreams”

Are you interested in having us bring this course to you? Or are you interested in purchasing this course for use?  Click here to Email us.  We are working to create other versions, include videos, so that it can be used in many other applications.

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