Living with Victims

What a humbling, sweet, beautiful and difficult week.  I had the opportunity to stay in a long-term home for women victims of sex trafficking.  This organization is a fellow member of Abolition International Shelter Association that has been open for 2 years.  I lived, ate and slept in the same home as the victims.  I also had the opportunity to sit and speak with various staff and volunteers.  This was a week to gain insight and help for strategic planning.   I am more determined and excited for what God will do here after spending a week with girls working through the damage, bondage and lies from “the life” of sex trafficking.

It was a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts.  There were 5 women ranging from age 19- 27 in the program while I was there.  All with very different stories of how, what and where.  One had been held captive in an affluent neighborhood home, one brought from another country, one sold by her own mother as a child, one manipulated by a boyfriend, and one lost her family as a teen and became a runaway.  Here are some of my thoughts and feelings that I had while I was there:

“What a precious gift, that one who has been and is so ‘broken and damaged’, to speak encouraging words to me. Desiring to help me and push me forward. Humbling.”
“One of the hardest things in life… someone you care about is really hurting and struggling. You feel HELPLESS, because only they can make the right choice. Just remember that God still loves them more than you and is always there with open arms.”     
“How beautiful to listen to one victim (on a journey to become a survivor) encourage another victim with the truth of God’s word! My heart is overwhelmed!”
“There is an enemy raging his war against us. He wants nothing less than for our total destruction. He is unworthy to be named! Love is war! Fight for love. Persevere. Push through.”
“Reminded once again, you may have won a battle yesterday BUT that enemy is always looking to find another way to beat you down. HOLD ON. Call upon Jesus to be your rock, shelter and comfort. He will see you through.”

I truly love each one, just from the week I spent with them.  They are on my mind throughout the day.  They will always have a piece of my heart.  They were created as beautiful, worthy and precious.  One of them cannot see that yet, but the others are beginning to see it and believe it.

Our mission is to love, restore and support women and girls rescued from “the life” of sex trafficking.  We will continue to take wise steps moving us closer to fulfilling that mission regularly in the near future!

Thankful and blessed to be a part of this ministry!

Krista Hull




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