Hollywood Slavery

What a wonderful thing a movie in Hollywood gets all the awards. Costumes, make up, and acting have  us applauding, but what is it for?

A story line that everyone says is a “must see”, it’s hard to watch and saddens you, but don’t worry that’s a place we used to be…

 Right!? Or wait…

Why make a movie to highlight a past we understand and know, why not create a movie that currently is the “slavery show”.  No black men or women being kidnapped and enslaved- no evil white man raising his fist over them in rage.

 That is NOT the face of slavery today- the growing epidemic that is the 2nd largest money maker in trade. Little girls, children are being snatched up and sold, manipulated and lied to until submission, until they do exactly as they are told.

 Yellow, black, brown or white, they are precious in His sight- don’t confuse the “him” in this rhyme with the sick offender on the other end of the line. God has His eyes on these precious few,

 Oops… did I say “few” – I mean 29 million AND counting

Slave trade during a 400 year period, enslaved 2.4 million humans

Our modern day slave trade, enslaves 29.8 million humans TODAY

Why doesn’t that stop us in our tracks? Why doesn’t that resonate something further than a moment of tact?

 All the praise to Hollywood for telling us a story already told. All the praise to the actors for acting out a story that is old. Dwell in the past and say, “Look how far we have come” pat yourself on the back and say “what a job well done.”

 Walk out of the theater or turn off the tv – go back to our ignorance and pretend we don’t see.

 Let millions of CHILDREN be turned into profit empires to be just another prostitute, while evil feeds its ugly face with unlimited access to this disgusting desire.

 When the lights, music, and cameras go away, what is left of the slaves fighting to live another day? What have we done big or little that lets them know we are fighting for their acquittal!!

 It’s not hard to do, not difficult to be involved! Next time you see the opportunity to rise up, just answer the call.

 Financially, prayerfully, through acts of service, or more, our hearts and the goodness God gave us is the answer to shut the door. See you only defeat darkness like this with one thing-

 the Light. 

 It’s inside all of us and once we find it, darkness can’t hide.  Let’s step away from the movies and self-serving pride.

 Because we have only let the problem get worse so far, turning skin color into innocent children doesn’t exactly “raise the bar”.

 Think of yourself as a flash light, with the lights on under the sink you sit. But slavery is engulfing that light creating a world with a deep dark pit. If we all switch our lights on, darkness cannot hide- it is wiped out and defeated; it has nothing it can try!

 So let’s walk through this together, hand in hand. Saying no to the Hollywood image, and taking our stand.

 A stand at what the real problem is today and not just for the glory! But because we don’t want to make a blockbuster hit 5 years from now with children being cast to tell the slavery story.

 Get involved! Don’t let fear take away your fight! An innocent child is waiting to be rescued from the dark by your glorious shining light of love and truth.

 Find out more at Redeem and Restore. Little or big there is a way for you to help!


-Jennifer Link

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