In Plain Sight

Januaryhumantraffickingawareness_shortJanuary is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Join Us: Sunday, January 27 at 2pm

Christ the King Lutheran Church

1600 N Genesee St. Delafield WI


IN PLAIN SIGHT seeks to raise awareness of the thousands of women and children who are forced, coerced, or deceived into the commercial sex trade each year in the United States. Through the medium of a documentary film, we open the eyes of the average American to what’s happening “in plain sight” – the exploitation of thousands of people in their own communities without them even being aware.  It happens in every state and all 72 counties of Wisconsin. Learn of the great need for restoration housing & what Redeem and Restore Center is doing about it!

INVITE US to present this excellent film followed by Q & A!!


What’s Unique About This Documentary?

  • The film has been produced for the widest possible audience – accessible to people of all faiths or no faith at all.
  • The film is not sexualized for shock value.
  • While we educate the viewer, our focus is on HOPE and the powerful steps that have been taken to bring HEALING to the lives of survivors
  • Redeem and Restore Center is working to provide HOPE & HEALING here in Wisconsin

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