We believe Awareness leads to Prevention, Intervention and Restoration! We love the opportunity to help others learn about Domestic Human Trafficking and how it impacts them.   These opportunities build awareness and gather resources to help prevent human trafficking, and will help us to build new lives for women who have suffered at the hands of traffickers.

Intro to Domestic Human Trafficking

Trauma Informed & Aftercare Services

Human Trafficking Victims in a Medical Setting

Empowering Students For Prevention and

Human Trafficking and the Christian’s Response :

(Click here: Watch presentation incorporated with Sunday Church Service)

Protecting Our Youth/ Social Media

Fighting the Demand/Men’s Response to Human Trafficking

The Leading Industry of Sex Trafficking

We request a minimum honorarium of $100.

All presentations are with slide show, handouts, action to take and offer viewing of a documentary. (PUSH send button 1x only)

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NOTE: Your financial support of this speaker and program directly contributes to expanding the anti-trafficking work and our savings account to open Redeem and Restore Center. Please contact us if you would like guidance on how to estimate your honorarium.

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